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facultyWorkgrouppersonnelInternal Phone numberDirect phone number
Faculty of EngineeringDeputy Dean for Student AffairsMr.Siripol Tongorn421802-836-3034
Faculty of EngineeringDeputy Dean for PlanningDr.Natworapol Rachsiriwatcharabul420702-836-3032
Faculty of EngineeringDeputy Dean for Academic Affairs and ResearchAssoc. Prof. Dr.Nattachote Rugthaicharoencheep02-836-3029
Faculty of EngineeringDeputy Dean for Administration AffairsAsst. Prof. Watcharin Sangma02-836-3024
Faculty of EngineeringBranchJewelry Production Engineering4187, 4188, 4189
Faculty of EngineeringDean's OfficeDean's secretary4102
Faculty of EngineeringDean's OfficeFiling clerk4109
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsFinancial work4106
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsAccounting4107
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsPersonnel work4108
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsCorporate communication0,4100
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsParcel work4119,4120
Faculty of EngineeringAdministration AffairsPrinting department4124
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchOffice of Academic Affairs , Research and Development , Course4118,4208
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchRegistration and processing4117,4178
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchEducation technology4214
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchCooperative Education4179
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchQuality assurance education4180
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchAcademic service to society4181
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchKnowledge Management (KM)4181
Faculty of EngineeringAcademic Affairs and ResearchBranch administration
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentPlan and budget4129
Faculty of EngineeringBranchMechatronics and Automated Manufacturing Engineering4203, 4212
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentStrategic plan4129
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentRisk management4129
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentBuilding work4135
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentTracking and evaluation4143
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsStudent loan4201
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsClub and Student Activities4213
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsSports4213
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsGuidance4191
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsMilitary and scouts4115
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsArt and culture4218
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsWelfare and health4190
Faculty of EngineeringStudent AffairsDevelop discipline4115
Faculty of EngineeringBranchMechanical Engineering
4137, 4138, 4169
Faculty of EngineeringBranchElectrical Engineering4150, 4151, 4152
Faculty of EngineeringBranchIndustrial Engineering4222, 4224, 4226, 4227, 4233
Faculty of EngineeringBranchElectronics and Telecommunication Engineering4160, 4161, 4162
Faculty of EngineeringBranchComputer Engineering4183 , 4184 , 4185
Faculty of EngineeringPlanning DepaetmentProject Management and Training4129
Faculty of EngineeringBranchTool and Die Engineering4140, 4141, 4142, 4127, 4128, 4176
Faculty of EngineeringBranchCivil Engineering4170, 4171, 4172
Faculty of EngineeringBranchMaintenance Engineering4148, 4221, 4230
Faculty of EngineeringDean of Faculty of EngineeringAsst. Prof. Dr.Wirote Ritthong4123


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