Scholar/Exchange students

 “She name is Ms.Anna Klups and 23 years old and hail from the Poland. She’ve been away from the Poland for half year, spending most of that time in Portugal. She graduated electrical engineering of bachelor’s degree. She’s member student of organization IAESTE. Read more 


Vocational CertificateBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degree / Doctor’s degree
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Student Qualifications (IAESTE Thailand)

1. Student status in the day of application
2. Studying Bachelor’s degree 3rd years or more in every university and GPA. 2.00 Up
3. Studying Master’s degree / Doctor’s degree in every university and GPA. 3.00 Up
4.Good English or other foreign languages.
5. Age 18 – 30  years
6. Dress up politely and behave well on the day of the exam.


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