Faculty’s History

       Faculty of Engineering Located at the northern end of Bangkok. parallel to the Chao Phraya River, adjacent to Nonthaburi Province The former was the North Bangkok Mechanical School. Which is the original location of the Department of Public Works during the time of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram, Prime Minister, with an area of approximately 22 rai, with Pibulsongkram Road cutting through, dividing the land into 2 parts, the part adjacent to the Chao Phraya River is the Department of Public Works It has an area of about 16 rai and another part is a house for workers. with an area of approximately 6 rai (Thai-German technique)

       In the year 2500 announced the abolition of the Department of Public Works. by the revolution of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat


       In the year 1958, there were many students who graduated from secondary school year 3 and gathered to request to attend the mechanical school. which at that time in Bangkok There is only one mechanic school, Pathumwan Mechanic. Mr. Sitthiphol Plachewin, who is the principal coordinated with Professor Sanan Sumit, Director-General of the Vocational Education Department at that time contacted the Revolutionary Council to request that the Department of Public Works’ place be opened as a mechanic school Which was approved to use the Department of Public Works as a mechanic school in the year 1958 under the name North Bangkok Mechanical School (Chor.Kor.Por.), with Ajarn Sittiphon Plachewin, acting headmaster, another position

       Ajarn Sittiphon Palacheevin has assigned Ajarn Jarat Krishnachinda to lead 10 teachers from Pathumwan technicians, 7 people and 2 students who have already graduated. On May 17, 1958, but the condition of the study was not ready due to the lack of equipment, teachers and buildings. and teaching equipment from Chang Khon Pathumwan School to be used in teaching as well as hiring teachers – professors Another number of about 40 people became the first teachers of the North Bangkok Mechanical School. Which officially opened the course on July 14, 1958. North Bangkok Mechanics accepted 803 first-generation students, divided into 2 rounds, morning session 400 students and afternoon session 403 students. There were 10 technicians in total.

       In the year 1959, Ajarn Kiti Pamorn, Assistant Principal of Bangkok Commercial School, was appointed as Principal of North Bangkok Technical School.

       In the year 1961, Dr. Thanu Saengsak took the position of Principal of the North Bangkok Mechanical School.

 Factory Mechanic Department Welding and sheet metal department electrician department and radio telecommunication technician department

       In the year 1963, Ajarn Charan Somchana received the position of headmaster until the year 1974, considered the headmaster who had been at the North Bangkok Mechanical School longer than all others.

       In the year 1968, the first department was opened to teach at the High Vocational Diploma level (High Vocational Certificate) in the field of Tool and Mold Maker. The department is the mechanic department. and electrician department

       In the year 1970, 2 more divisions were opened, namely the sheet metal welding department. and electronics department Causing the North Bangkok Mechanical School to have both vocational and high vocational students studying in all departments

       In 1973, from the opening of both Vocational Certificate and High Vocational Vocational Certificate, the North Bangkok Mechanical School was raised to the status of the North Bangkok Mechanical College. Ajarn Charan Somchana is the first special director.

       Year 1975 College of Technology and Vocational Education was born in accordance with the College of Technology and Vocational Education Act By changing from college to campus, there are a total of 29 locations. Assoc. Prof. Srikrua Povathong is the director.

       Year 1988 His Majesty graciously granted a new name from the college as “Rajamangala Institute of Technology” North Bangkok Campus and proceeded to request royal permission to invite the royal seal and Phra Maha Phichai Mongkut is the official mark of the institute. Rajamangala Institute of Technology has begun teaching undergraduate courses with Ajarn Nakorn Srivijarn as the first director of Rajamangala Institute of Technology. North Bangkok Campus

       In the year 2005, Rajamangala Institute of Technology North Bangkok Campus Has been established as Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon Faculty of Engineering by opening a bachelor’s degree and offering more courses at the vocational certificate level (vocational certificate) at the master’s degree level and doctoral level until now